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Market Insights for Innovation and Design (MI4ID) is MicroSave Consulting's flagship design thinking approach that incorporates principles of behavioural economics and human-centred design. The holistic approach of MI4ID achieves user-centricity from both demand and supply side perspectives and thus produces high-impact results.

Market Insights for Innovation and Design (MI4ID) is MicroSave Consulting's flagship socio-behavioural research and design approach. MI4ID is a new-age approach that incorporates principles of behavioural economics and human-centred design.

MI4ID Offerings

Behavioral research and diagnosis

Innovative product/service development

UI/UX testing and development

Behavior change communication

Trainings on creative thinking and innovation

Application of MI4ID in program design

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Success Stories

Demand analysis on remittances in Côte d’Ivoire, Mali, and Senegal

The use of digital channels to send or receive remittances remains low in West Africa. This report identifies motivators and barriers to the use of remittances in formal financial services and offers recommendations and product ideas for service providers.

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Design of the digital strategy and user interface for HFC Bank, Kenya

The MI4ID team helped HFC Bank identify target markets, their needs, and preferences in personal financial management. We also helped design an interface based on use-cases for the bank’s mobile application. Consequently, the number of customers increased tenfold, with 20% of new customers saving actively.

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Innovative pilots to test interventions to strengthen the agent network across India

MSC has been running concurrent pilots with financial service providers to strengthen the cash-in cash-out agent network in India. These multiple pilots, tailored empathetically to the needs of customers and providers, address challenges that agents face throughout their lifecycle.

Agri-Agent Network Innovation Lab (AANIL) for MiBank, Papua New Guinea

The MI4ID team helped MiBank innovate agent network models to enhance “access” to financial services in Papua New Guinea. Designed under AANIL, these CICO models offer MiBank a modified user-centered approach to manage agents and increase the uptake and use of its financial service offerings.

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Product innovation and risk management for Shakti Foundation, an MFI in Bangladesh

Using the MI4ID approach, MSC supported the Shakti Foundation to design customer-centric voluntary savings products and innovations around managing product risks. The team helped Shakti address the key challenge of offering savings products sustainably at scale to potentially 500,000 poor households.

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Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan: Training on innovative product development for financial institutions

The MI4ID team trained staff from banks and MFIs on processes for innovative product development. This helped participants, who service 4.5 million customers, understand the importance of using customer journey and persona mapping to innovate and increase the uptake of existing products.

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