Training Team Ravi Kant


Manager - Inclusive Finance and Banking Domain
Lucknow, India

Ravi Kant is Manager in MicroSave’s Inclusive Finance and Banking Domain. He is microfinance and banking consultant with approximately seven years of experience in helping MFIs to streamline and strengthen their systems and processes, develop business plans and financial projections, and roll out of various financial products in India, Malawi, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Vietnam, Myanmar and the Philippines. His specialisation includes: market research, due diligence and institutional assessment, strategic business planning, Branch Manager’s training, cost allocation study, individual lending, product development, market research, delinquency management, internal audit and controls, accounting and financial management, pilot-testing, process mapping and risk analysis, loan portfolio assessment and financial projections. Ravi’s recent work focuses on process mapping and risk analysis, loan portfolio audit, and strategic business planning for MFIs. This work includes thorough understanding of the current state of operations, re-engineering processes and implementing new procedures with a view to improving service provision to its target market and service efficiency.
Some of his recent work includes: 

  • Loan Assessment for CFAP in Cambodia, funded by Rabobank Foundation: Interview with Managing Director and senior management, problem assessment through focussed group discussions with CFAP staff,and checking loan portfolio records maintained at CFAP office. (2014)
  • Market Research for a Large MFI in Cambodia funded by Amret: Conducting quantitative and qualitative market research to assess the satisfaction level of clients with the individual loan product and their relative preference for other financial institutions on specific product attributes. (2014)
  • Loan Portfolio Audit for a big MFI in Sri Lanka, funded by Alliance Finance: Conducting the portfolio audit to ensure adherence to organisational policies and procedures, assessing compliance to the statutory regulations; checking for instances of fraud, and identifying potential risk areas across key functions etc. (2014)
  • Review of Microfinance Operations and Developing Internal Audit Strategy in Sri Lanka, funded by Alliance Finance: Developing internal audit processes and identifying risks in various function of MFI including credit, governance, MIS, finance, etc. (2014)
  • Process Mapping for Credit Operations of a mid-sized MFI in India for Margdarshak, funded by Dia Vikas: Preparing credit process maps, identifying risks and mitigation strategies. (2014)
  • Risk Analysis for Credit Operations of a mid-sized MFI in India for Sahayog, funded by SIDBI: Identifying risks and recommending mitigation strategies. (2013).
  • Process Mapping for Credit Operations of a large MFI in the Philippines for KMBI, funded by Opportunity International: Mapping the current processes through field visits and interactions with staff; designing the forms and formats; and preparing recommendations to streamline and optimise process maps, based on findings and discussions with senior management. (2013)

Ravi has a Post-graduate Diploma in Rural Management from the Xavier Institute of Management, Bhubaneswar.